Baby Dedication

Prov 22:6 - Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it. 

Faith Bible Church had our first baby dedication on Sunday, July 31. Two families were involved, each dedicating their precious little boy to the Lord. We had a record attendance as extended families were present along with several first time visitors. It was a wonderful time of worship for our church! 

The parents were challenged several weeks ago to write out their responsibilities before the Lord with respect to the nurturing of their children. They presented their biblically based commitments to the body as part of the dedication service. 

Parents were reminded that their personal example in their child’s formative years would be critical to his healthy training. Their children will be closely observing their parents’ love for the Lord and their dedication to each other, and will grow to be “imitators” of them. Finally, parents were challenged from Ephesians 5, where we are instructed to be “imitators” of God. What better way can we be examples for our children. 

As a church body, we are committed both to holding the parents accountable in their God-given roles and to coming alongside of them in the care and training of their sons.

First Baby Shower

We are all so excited as we look forward to the arrival of the newest member of Faith Bible Church, baby boy Trogdon!! With his due date quickly approaching, the ladies decided to plan a special day to shower love on Angela and Sam and their beautiful family. We planed a surprise baby shower for after Bible Study one Thursday at Gwen's home.

We all arrived a little early and arranged our gifts around Gwen's perfectly coordinated blue decorations. Since it was a surprise, we nonchalantly situated ourselves in the living room and tried to act as if everything was normal! As Bible Study was about to start, Angela walked into the kitchen to get some water and we all looked at each other laughing under or breath knowing that our secret was out! However, no one said anything so we just continued with Bible Study as normal. 

After we finished Bible Study, Gwen announced that we had a surprise in the kitchen. Angela looked completely confused and laughed with us as we realized that she had walked right past the decorations and hadn't noticed! It brought each one of us so much joy to watch Angela open each gift. We were so thankful for the opportunity to fellowship together and rejoice at God's incredible blessing to the Trogdon family. We continue to pray for his safety and can't wait to meet him and welcome him to our church family very soon! 

New Years Eve Party

One characteristic of the members of Faith Bible Church is our love for fellowship and new years eve was no different! We all congregated at the Brodd's home to ring in the new year. The evening was filled with lots of laughter, great food and fun! Gwen started the activities by opening a Christmas puzzle for us to complete. Most of the ladies focused on completing that task while the men decided it would be a good idea to sample all of the food, just to make sure it was edible. How thoughtful right? As it came time to complete the puzzle, we realized that the last piece was suspiciously missing. Poor Cameron was immediately blames for this theft, however it was later realized that Nathan was the guilty party in this crime!

The evening's activities later moved to a white elephant gift exchange. Laughter rang throughout the home as each gift was opened. Between an actual white elephant, a giant remote control, candles and chocolate, a hoodie pillow and lots and lots of jokes, each gift found the perfect recipient! 

The evening wrapped up with some late night craziness as Gwen brought out an array of silly Christmas hats. There were lots of laughs we all tried on a different silly hat and posed for photos. All in all it was a very fun and exciting evening and we send out a big thank you to Jeff and Gwen Brodd for hosting such a wonderful evening!

Christmas Eve Service

Silent night, holy night!
All is calm, all is bright.

Those words have never been more real to me than they were at our 2014 Christmas Eve Service, held at the Brodd’s home.  The ambience was so warm and peaceful, with the fire going and candles burning all over the house.  We were joined by many guests, as members brought their out-of-town family and friends.  

Joyful singing led us into the message that Mike Malpass presented: “Don’t miss Christmas this year!”   All present were challenged to focus on Christ, and not the many distractions that come along with the season.  A beautiful presentation of the gospel followed, and we were all reminded that we were celebrating the birth of the Way, the Truth, and the Light.

I can truly say that the worship that night was truly one I will remember and treasure forever.

Thanksgiving Outreach

The "church" defines only the people and not a building as one might think today.  That was evidenced on this special Sunday in November when we, Faith Bible Church, brought the church to Henry and Phylis Deltoro's home.  After Henry's accident four years ago, going "to" church has been extremely difficult to almost impossible.  This particular morning we celebrated Jesus in worship and through a meaningful service followed by a yummy Thanksgiving buffet lunch brought by all the members and guests.  This is what the heart of church is all about: the fellowship, encouragement and love shared with a focus on bringing glory to our Savior,  Jesus Christ.  I will never forget this special Sunday.