New Years Eve Party

One characteristic of the members of Faith Bible Church is our love for fellowship and new years eve was no different! We all congregated at the Brodd's home to ring in the new year. The evening was filled with lots of laughter, great food and fun! Gwen started the activities by opening a Christmas puzzle for us to complete. Most of the ladies focused on completing that task while the men decided it would be a good idea to sample all of the food, just to make sure it was edible. How thoughtful right? As it came time to complete the puzzle, we realized that the last piece was suspiciously missing. Poor Cameron was immediately blames for this theft, however it was later realized that Nathan was the guilty party in this crime!

The evening's activities later moved to a white elephant gift exchange. Laughter rang throughout the home as each gift was opened. Between an actual white elephant, a giant remote control, candles and chocolate, a hoodie pillow and lots and lots of jokes, each gift found the perfect recipient! 

The evening wrapped up with some late night craziness as Gwen brought out an array of silly Christmas hats. There were lots of laughs we all tried on a different silly hat and posed for photos. All in all it was a very fun and exciting evening and we send out a big thank you to Jeff and Gwen Brodd for hosting such a wonderful evening!