First Baby Shower

We are all so excited as we look forward to the arrival of the newest member of Faith Bible Church, baby boy Trogdon!! With his due date quickly approaching, the ladies decided to plan a special day to shower love on Angela and Sam and their beautiful family. We planed a surprise baby shower for after Bible Study one Thursday at Gwen's home.

We all arrived a little early and arranged our gifts around Gwen's perfectly coordinated blue decorations. Since it was a surprise, we nonchalantly situated ourselves in the living room and tried to act as if everything was normal! As Bible Study was about to start, Angela walked into the kitchen to get some water and we all looked at each other laughing under or breath knowing that our secret was out! However, no one said anything so we just continued with Bible Study as normal. 

After we finished Bible Study, Gwen announced that we had a surprise in the kitchen. Angela looked completely confused and laughed with us as we realized that she had walked right past the decorations and hadn't noticed! It brought each one of us so much joy to watch Angela open each gift. We were so thankful for the opportunity to fellowship together and rejoice at God's incredible blessing to the Trogdon family. We continue to pray for his safety and can't wait to meet him and welcome him to our church family very soon!